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Hi, I'm Christina and I am writing a new book that will tell the stories of Receivers' experiences with the Raindrop Technique®. Each chapter of this book will focus on the experiences of Receivers with a different wellness focus.

The best way I can share how people felt after receiving a Raindrop is to ask you!

To complete this book I am creating additional surveys, like the one you just completed.

The goal of these surveys and book will:

  • tell the story of how Raindrop supported Receivers.
  • will help us learn how to adapt Raindrop to best fit certain Receivers
  • help people make an educated and confident decision about including the Raindrop Technique® into their self care practice.

Thanks for your time and interest!
Christina Hagan, LCCI, LMBT, M.Ed

I'm the Author of The Raindrop Resource Guide; Oily Family and Practitioners Editions. To offer further support to Raindroppers I host All Things Raindrop Membership and I've created Pain-Free Raindrop and Technique Intentions, which are on line education programs. I also host the Adapting Raindrop free Facebook group.

I've been teaching with C.A.R.E. (The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education) and offering Raindrop in my wellness practice since 2004.

I hope you can tell that I just love the Raindrop Technique! ®

I'm excited to write this new book, which will be filled with your stories of how Raindrop supported you!

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