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Sixteen years of experience are in this book! This book is perfect for the Oily Mom who learned Raindrop and now has questions... You will learn concepts and skills to confidently adapt Raindrop to fit your family's and friends' current needs.

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    Tailoring the Oils

    • How each oil supports us.
    • Ideas on how to reduce the chances of unexpected detox overload.
    • Learn about the Eight Questions to ask your Receiver to help you tailor your Raindrop.
    • Learn the System Support Raindrop
    • and more...

    Comfort of the Receiver

    • What to do if your Receiver gets very stuffy.
    • How to safely give Raindrop to a pregnant Receiver.
    • How to give a comfortable Raindrop even if you don't have a massage table.
    • and more...

    Special Considerations

    • Cancer
    • Pregnancy
    • Babies and Toddlers
    • Autism
    • and more!